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Oil Paintings

My paint preference for scenes and locations is oil.  The lush colors and textures create moods and ambiance, and are very permanent.  I prefer to keep glass from getting between the viewer and the work, to experience the strokes, the edges, the varying light playing over the surface.


From easel to wall

This canvas is an oil sketch which I decided I liked the freshness of. It distilled the sense of depth just as it is. Rather than pushing it further, it's now on display in Gallery Nantasket.

One of my great pleasures is 'hanging' the works in a gallery or other venue that is welcoming to art.  Only a few pieces are my own, so I fuss over it, moving and changing the mix until it all works together.

Curating sometimes takes precedent over the creating, but I find having finished a wall with a huge variety of works that were dropped off (previously unseen) come together, is wonderful.

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